Should You Restore From iTunes or iCloud? Ideally, you will have both an iCloud and iTunes backup available to you. iTunes backups are created manually when you sync your iPhone to iTunes. Do this by connecting your iPhone to a Mac or Windows PC running iTunes, clicking on the...
Jan 24, 2017 · After iOS 7 release, Apple implemented a new security feature as part of iOS – Activation Lock (Lost mode). Thanks to this new feature, in case your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch is stolen, it will be useless for its new owner because he won’t be able to unlock the device.
iTunes, but also keep iCloud Backup switched on. Immediately before I restore my phone, I do a backup to iTunes then use that to complete the restore. As far as I'm concerned this gives me basically as much of a safety net as I could hope for because my phone is getting backed up to two places. As Jonathan said encrypted backups in iTunes contain
Or, use iCloud to back up your device and restore from your iCloud backup. If you see an alert that says an error occurred, your backup is corrupt or incompatible, or there's not enough disk space, find your Try to use an alternate backup or an iCloud backup, or Contact Apple Support for more help.