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FLDIGI transmissions are centered on the 1500Hz audio frequency by using the mouse curser to place the waterfall red curser centered at 1500Hz. OHDEN always assumes that station’s audio are centered at 1500Hz. Olivia 8-500 is an audio frequency shift keying (AFSK) protocol using eight separate audio frequency tones spaced over a bandwidth of ...
PSK31 HF Frequencies: PSK31 VHF Frequencies: Band: Frequency: Band: Frequency: 160 meters: 1.838.150 MHz: 6 meters: 50.290 MHz
However if you click a frequency in FLDigi and then have a QSO on that frequency when you log the QSO the correct frequency will be logged not the pass band frequency e.g Passband frequency of rig is set to 14070.000 You click on the FLDigi waterfall at 14071.500 The Log4om display does not change