Here I will make various observations and comments on how the 3MZ-FE engine, transmission &c. function, and in some cases how to make improvements. New material will be added regularly, and eventually better organized. Click below to jump directly to an individual topic.
I always wondered "Is my engine interference or non-interference? If you have the same engine as me and wonder the same thing, here is what we found! Disclai...
Toyota's 1MZ-FE was a 3.0-litre petrol engine with a 60-degree 'V' angle. With its aluminium alloy cylinder block, the 1MZ-FE engine had a service weight of 151 kg and replaced Toyota’s 3VZ-FE engine. The 1MZ-FE was a non-interference engine. 1MZ-FE Toyota engine - Toyota 1MZ-FE engine reliability, problems and repair.
85. install automatic transmission w/transfer (3mz-fe engine type) (see page 40-20 ) 86. install engine assembly with transaxle (3mz-fe engine type) (see page 14-149 ) 87. install engine assembly with transaxle (2az-fe engine type) (see page 14-24 ) 88. install transfer drain plug (a) install the transfer drain plug with a new drain gasket.